CFD Post-processing of Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) and Rigid-Body Motion

Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) models simplify the modeling of turbomachinery, allowing you to simulate with a steady-state model what would normally look to require a transient CFD simulation.

Those doing CFD post-processing from simulations of fans, pumps, stir tanks, HVAC, and other rotating machinery often want the parts to rotate.  We have developed a specific tool to provide part rotation using the python scripting language.  This tool provides rigid body motion according to several options you can provide. Combining rigid-body motion with pathlines provides a nice looking and logical recreation of the moving parts in your Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) CFD simulation.

A couple of frequent questions from users of EnSight are answered in this screencast such as:

– Can I make parts rotate or appear to rotate in EnSight

– I solved my CFD simulation using Multiple Reference Frame (MRF) – how do I use that in EnSight

– what is the difference between streamlines and pathlines

– how do I make pathlines

– what are some useful specialized tools that come with EnSight


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