EnSight CFD was good, really good, but EnSight Free and EnSight Desktop are better.

Here is the quick FAQ for making the transition from EnSight CFD to EnSight Free or EnSight Desktop.

1.  Stay right where you are.  You can switch or make the transition as quickly or slowly as you like.  No pressure from us.  Of course we’d be surprised if you weren’t curious about the new goodness of EnSight Free and EnSight Desktop.

Here is a quick 6 minute tutorial to introduce EnSight Desktop and EnSight Free.

2.  EnSight Free and EnSight Desktop are obtained by downloading EnSight.  Same download, same license key (or lack of license key in the case of EnSight Free).  So go download EnSight (10.0.2d or later) and you’ll have what you need.

3.  Have a key but want to try EnSight Free?  You’ll have to hide your key from EnSight.  If it finds a valid key it uses it. Or you can use the command “ensight100 -free”  when starting up EnSight Free.

4.  Have a key for EnSight CFD and worried that you need a new key?  Don’t be.  The same key has the correct number of tokens to run EnSight Desktop.  You don’t need a new key.

5.  Need a tutorial on how things work?  We’ve got brand new tutorials for EnSight 10, and they show you all the new capabilities.  There are a lot more features in EnSight Free and EnSight Desktop than EnSight CFD but it won’t take long to see what they are, probably 10 minutes is all.

6.  What is better about EnSight Free and EnSight Desktop than EnSight CFD?   Well EnSight CFD could only read CFD data.  It lacked many features found in full EnSight which are now in EnSight Free and EnSight Desktop.  And it is easier to upgrade from EnSight Free to EnSight Desktop or to EnSight Standard.  Finally its easier for CEI to develop, document, and support one product – so those things are benefits to you.  To see some of the specific benefits go to the comparison table and type a * (asterisk) in the search field.