Visiting CEI Developers Pays Dividends for EnSight users at Northwestern Univ.

In late 2012 CEI was visited by researchers of Northwestern University. They wanted to exchange ideas they had for improving EnSight with our Development and Sales and Marketing teams and they wanted some hands on training with more advanced features in EnSight. For CEI this was a great opportunity, to have experts in the field of 4D-Flow visualization of cardiovascular and other MRI-captured data coming to CEI and sharing what was working and what could be improved with EnSight.

NU gave a great presentation and they were kind enough to share some of those slides in the presentation below. If you are doing transient MRI with the goal of performing 4D-Flow visualization, EnSight can be useful, and a partnership with NU would be recommended.

From that meeting CEI was able to determine that the most useful next development it could undertake.  We developed the segmentation probability variables which can provide segmented vessels like the left aorta, the right aorta, the pulmonary artery, left ventricle, and right ventricle.  These variables are not just hard coded but carry with them the statistical weight of the probability – making them more useful than just a STL or CAD representation of the blood vessel.  We included those developments in EnSight 10.0.2 in Q1 2013 and presented them at the SCMR meeting in San Francisco, CA.  We are very pleased that NU has found these useful and we look forward to further development roadmaps for the SCMR community.

For more information on this segmentation process, standby for our next posting.  We will update this posting.

CEI does not recommend just downloading EnSight to start your 4D-Flow data visualization. Getting your data into EnSight and having the right expectations for how it can help you are important challenges in which a guide would be helpful. Contact Mr. Eric O’Connell,, the 4D-Flow EnSight on-boarding guide.

If you would like to visit CEI or invite CEI to visit your team, we would like to hear from you.  Contact us.

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