VR Roundup

These are just some of the many articles and events in the VR market recently.  Send a link if you have one for us to add.

Hololens just showed me the future of car buying marketing.

Virtual Reality does not mean what you think it means.

Cheap VR headsets

Open Source VR Headset

IEEE VR March 2016

SEAVR – October 2016

Canon MREAL (Mixed Reality) VR Headset hitting the market in March 2016


What does EnSight have to do with VR?

EnSight currently support Oculus Rift** and Canon MREAL headsets*. Do you have a headset you plan to deploy at your EnSight-using company? Tell us about it.

EnSight VR supports CAVES and Wall VR facilities.

*EnSight MR option required to run EnSight (any version) on Canon MREAL system.
**No additional fees to run EnSight on Oculus Rift.