EnSight is the leading post-processor for Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data. By combining the largest set of features of any visualization tool for CFD solvers on the market with exceptional performance on any sized model, EnSight is able to help users make better decisions with their CFD data.

There are a number of ways to get started with EnSight. Our forever free EnSight product is a good starting point for users who want to experiment with our software. For users who need the most robust solution, EnSight Standard and HPC offer best-in-class performance for larger models. Below, you’ll find more information about each of our products.

Feature Table  |  Quick Comparison

ProductEnSight FreeEnSight DesktopEnSight StandardEnSight VREnSight HPC
OSWindows, Linux and MacWindows, Linux and MacWindows, Linux and MacWindows, Linux Windows, Linux and Mac
Description Perfect for users learning EnSight using small model sizes. EnSight Free loads models up to 2 million 3D cells. Other cell/element count limits also apply. Great for users learning EnSight with modest model sizes, or those who use EnSight independently in their organization. Loads local files only. Our most commonly licensed product, EnSight Standard can connect to remote servers. Also suitable for multiphysics and case comparisons. EnSight VR is designed for users who wish to visualize data on Virtual Reality displays like CAVES, walls and VR Headsets. EnSight HPC allows users to complete parallel post-processing for very large models using clusters.