Boundary Layer Feature Extraction White Paper

Boundary Layer (BL) visualization is a unique feature of EnSight, valuable for investigating skin friction drag, wing stall, heat transfer, and high-speed inlet performance. For many years EnSight has provided standard techniques such as: velocity, Cp, density, or Mach number on a clip plane or model surface; or derived variables like total pressure, vorticity, entropy, helicity, etc.; or velocity profiles for BL profile, thickness, or separation; or isosurfaces of total pressure, vorticity, or entropy.

EnSight goes beyond all these by providing: regions of reverse flow, surface restricted traces in the laminar sub layer, lines of BL separation and attachment, shock surfaces and dilatation contours. And finally, for the past 2 years EnSight has incorporated unique calculation based on Abbott and von Doenhoff’s Theory of Wing Sections, classical boundary layer characteristics: thickness, displacement thickness, momentum thickness, shape factor, and skin friction coefficient. Additional BL capabilities are being introduced in late 2005 and early 2006.