EnSight 10.2 Release Notes

EnSight 10.2 Release Notes

EnSight is proud to announce it’s latest version, EnSight 10.2, is officially available for download. Visit our secure downloads site to retrieve your latest version of EnSight. Below  are the full release notes: Help System Under Windows the help system relies on Adobe Acrobat to view the documents.  CEI no longer distributes a version of […]

Upgrading EnSight

The development team at CEI is constantly working to fix bugs and add new features in EnSight. On average, each minor update of EnSight contains between 50 and 100 bug fixes and feature implementations. These minor updates are released every 3-4 months. Major releases of the software are avaliable every 18-24 months and include more […]

EnSight Announces Version 10.1.6d

EnSight is proud to announce the newest version, EnSight 10.1.6d is now avaliable for download. This update provides bug fixes and enhancements that make EnSight an even more powerful tool for engineering visualizations. Below you will find some highlights of our enhancements. You can also download a full list of updates here. Enhancements Context Restore for Different […]

EnSight 10.1.2b Release Notes

EnSight 10.1.2b is now available for download EnSight 10.1.2b has been released.  You may download it now.   New or Major Capabilities Added EnSight 10.1.2b is a bug fix release not focused on adding new capabilities. The JT exporter did get transparency by variable added. Data Readers Several readers/interfaces have been improved, including these: ABAQUS ODB EXODUSII […]

EnSight 10.1 Slideshow

EnSight 10.1 June 2014 v2 from darinmckinnis We are very pleased to announce the newest version of EnSight 10.1. This version is the first major new release in over a year. There are a dramatic number of new features, improved usability, and better support for spheres/particles and polyhedrals. Plotting has been made easier, and EnSight’s […]