FLOW-3D post-processing talk at Madrid Spain User Meeting

Advanced FLOW-3D post-processing will be  Kevin Colburn’s topic at the upcoming European FLOW-3D User Meeting in Madrid, Spain.  His talk will focus on FLOW-3d post-processing using EnSight, looking at the newest and most advanced features such as texture mapping, comparing cases, custom python tools, and scripting for automatic CFD post-processing.

For more information about the meeting, follow this link.

Join CEI at the FLOW-3D UGM in Madrid this June.

Join CEI at the FLOW-3D UGM in Madrid this June.

CEI is the exclusive visualization partner for the meeting, and FLOW-3D customers are expecting to learn more about the integration of EnSight technology from CEI being embedded into FLOW-3D software by the developers of Flow Science, Inc.  CEI developers are actively supporting that integration activity.  And the cooperation is leading to improvements in the flexibility of EnSight software, better documentation for how to embed it,  and improved robustness of the FLOW-3D data reader in EnSight, which is developed by CEI.

You can see a sampling of the presentation that CEI’s Darin McKinnis gave in Munich, Germany at the 2012 European User Conference. Since that time considerable improvements have been made to the FLOW-3D data reader in EnSight.

Why is EnSight good for FLOW-3D post-processing?  In a nutshell, transient data.  EnSight is designed to handle steady-state and transient data but large transient data is where you really see its architecture’s advantages.  Because like Netflix and other modern technologies, EnSight streams the data from a large transient model instead of trying to swallow it whole.  Most other post-processors try to load all the simulation results into memory at one time, which is fine if you have enough memory.  But large CFD models rely on High-Performance Computing (HPC) clusters and may make use of thousands of processors, running for hours or days, and store terabytes of data. Your workstation or laptop can’t load all of that data.  Instead of loading it all at once, EnSight loads just the current time period you are looking at, or perhaps a couple so that it can compute interesting variables.  To present you a movie it loads these quickly, it streams them from the data storage, just like Neflix streams you a movie instead of forcing you to wait for the whole movie to download.   Streaming is convenient and better suited for large (or shall we say “long” data.  Don’t settle for post-processors that can’t stream your data.


FLOW-3D Tutorials

For those would like to use EnSight separately from FLOW-3D, the tutorials below are available.

EnSight for FLOW-3D Part 1

EnSight for FLOW-3D Part 2

EnSight for FLOW-3D Part 3

EnSight for FLOW-3D Part 4

General Table of EnSight Tutorials


More FLOW-3D Info


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